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5 Most Common Restaurant Menu Types

Have you ever wondered about the different kinds of restaurant menus? We provide readers with a list of some of the most commonly used menus found at restaurants in Toronto.

Du Jour Menu

These menus are popular since they can often be changed daily. Du Jour is a French term meaning “of the day”. The advantage of this menu is that customers can always expect something new and tasty on the menu. These menus are most often found on chalkboards – making it easier for menu items to be erased or added at any stage.

À La Carte

Derived from the French phrase, meaning “by the menu”, this is arguably the most common type of menu. The items on these menus are listed, priced, and ordered separately. Customers will pay separately for every item they select on the menu. This includes breakfasts, mains, and starters.

Fixed Price Menu

This menu outlines a series of courses, with multiple options for sides and extras, but each course will have a fixed price regardless of the option being chosen. These menus can also be available on special occasions. A buffet normally has a range of menu items available, but customers who participate in the buffet will pay one fixed price.

Cycle Menu

This menu depends on the seasonal availability of ingredients, or it can depend on the day of the week. Promotions that run during specific days of the week or year are normally advertised on a cycle menu. These menus can also promote upcoming menu items to look out for in the future.

Dessert Menu

This one is for those with a sweet tooth. Customers will look at the dessert menu if they are looking for anything from cake to ice cream. Restaurants normally differentiate themselves from other establishments by offering unique desserts. Whether you crave chocolate or carrot cake, these menus aim to please.

Beverage Menu

Restaurants that offer a beverage menu often provide a range of items to choose from. This can include anything from soft drinks to wine.

Normal Beverages

The normal beverages are normally the most common kinds you’ll find at a restaurant. This can include coffee, tea, soft drinks, and still or sparkling water. These can also be categorized according to hot and cold drinks. These beverages are often so common that restaurants don’t even provide a menu for them.

Dessert Beverages

This can include milkshakes, hot chocolate, and other beverages catered to a sweet tooth’s palate. These beverages can also be listed under the sub-category of coffee or hot drinks.

Alcoholic Beverages

This can include anything from ciders to beer and wine. Some menus also include a number of craft beers that give customers a taste of more traditional brews.

These menu types are most often found at restaurants. Frequent customers are often quite familiar with the menu and just pick up the phone to order takeout.