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How To Book A Reservation in Toronto

If this is your first time in Toronto, it might be a good idea to make a reservation. Restaurants are widely popular in the capital city, and you will be disappointed if you don’t make a reservation. Here are some tips on how to book a reservation.

Book in Advance

Make sure to phone in advance before planning on dining out. The popularity of restaurants will vary. Popular five-star restaurants can be booked weeks in advance, while casual establishments may not even require a booking. However, phoning in to get all the details can do no harm.

Stay Connected

If you have made a reservation but you are not able to keep to the arrangement, don’t be afraid to phone in to let the restaurant know about these changes. Don’t just stay away if you are not able to make it. Other people may be eager to take over your reservation if you are not able to make it.

Be Punctual

Make sure you arrive early at the restaurant to avoid missing out on your reservation. If you show up late without informing the restaurant, they have the right to cancel your reservation. If you organize a gathering of friends, it is also good manners to arrive before the other guests.

Tipping Culture

Take note of the tipping culture in Toronto. Some countries look down on tipping, but Canada’s tipping conventions are in line with the United States. The minimum tip in Canada is considered to be around 15% of the bill. Make sure you tip your waiters or waitresses generously while travelling through the country.

As a final note, good manners are respected universally. However, general table manners are relatively relaxed and informal throughout Canada. Take a good look at the menu before making your reservation to ensure that you and your guests will have a pleasant dining experience.

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