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How To Cater For A Casino-Themed Party

There is no celebration that will compare to a casino-themed party. Need some help with setting the scene with great food and entertainment? Here are some tips that will get your casino-themed party up and running.

Catering That Will Appeal To Casino Players

You need to provide catering options suited to the needs of casino players. It is a great idea to send out a survey regarding what kinds of dishes your guests will like. Make your guests choose from 3 or 4 dishes in the survey. This will make it easier for the catering service to prepare meals according to the needs of your guests.

The catering service needs to present food in a way that casino players will be familiar with. Have some casino-themed items on the menu. This will help to draw attention to the range of menu items that guests have access to.

Invite Guests to Access Online Casino Bonuses

Include Duelz bonuses as part of the evening’s activities. Invite guests to play online casino games while enjoying a snack. Make the invitation appealing by decorating the venue with banners and balloons that will entice players to access the various casino bonuses and rewards on offer.

Invite players to login to this prestigious online casino gambling site to access the relevant bonuses and rewards. Show guests how they can win real cash rewards by signing up for a free account. Refer to themes of Duelz online casino when decorating the venue for the party.

Make sure that your guests feel welcome in every way possible. Avid casino players will look for elements of casino entertainment throughout the evening. This may include anything from casino promotions to casino-themed food items.

Present food to guests while they enjoy their favourite online casino games. Everyone at the party needs access to great food and entertainment. Every guest should have a chance to claim the jackpot!